How Does Restoro Work?

The Restoro program specializes in WinOS repair. It scans and diagnoses, then repairs your damaged PC with technology that not only fixes your WinOS Operating System, but also reverses the damage already done with a full database of replacement files.


A Scan (approx. 5 minutes) into your PC's WinOS Operating System detects issues divided into
3 categories - Hardware, Security and Stability.

What WinOS issues are detected?

Hardware check


  • Low Memory
  • Hard Disk Speed
  • CPU Power & Temperature
security flag


  • Malware such as:
  • Computer Viruses
  • Dishonest Adware
  • Trojan Horses
  • Crimeware
  • Root Kits
  • Spyware
  • Worms


The scan tells you what Programs
& Applications crash most often
and how frequently.

At the end of the scan, you can review your PC's Hardware, Security and Stability in comparison with a worldwide average.
You can review a summary of the issues detected during your scan.

Scan Screenshots

The quick scan identifies the issues in your WinOS PC
Review a summary of your computer's Hardware, Stability & Security
Activate your license key to start repairing your PC


How does Restoro fix WinOS?

system recoveryThe repair will deactivate then quarantine all Malware found then remove virus damage.
All System Files, DLLs, and Registry Keys that have been corrupted or damaged will be replaced with new healthy files from our continuously updated online database.
Online databaseThe online database is comprised of over 25,000,000 updated essential components that will replace any damaged or missing file on a WinOS operating system with a healthy version of the file so that your PC's performance, stability & security will be restored and even improve.